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Artist Bio

The son of a professional photographer in a small Texas town, Aaron was immersed in the creative process from birth. His earliest memories include working in a darkroom with his father, the faint glow of the safelight above as he witnessed images come to life through the development process. From this grew his ability to visualize images and understand the importance of the creative process and the impact of design. He carried those lessons forward, as later in life he studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Dallas and creative writing at Chaminade University of Honolulu.


Life took Aaron far from the art world when he enlisted in the United States Navy in 2004. After serving 7 years on active duty, he transitioned to the Reserve force where he continues to serve today as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. He has served multiple shipboard and ground-based tours in the Middle East, to include combat operations in Iraq. It is through these experiences that he rekindled his passion for the visual arts, discovering abstract painting as a way to navigate his emotional and physical responses to his experiences overseas. Aaron has since evolved and grown his work far beyond art for therapy, creating a voice and bringing forward an authenticity through his work many can relate to. 

An artist, writer, designer, and musician, Aaron has shown his work in multiple galleries and private collections across the United States, as well as online through multiple virtual exhibitions. He recently completed an artist mentorship program with renowned abstract artist Ty Nathan Clark, and is now focused on a series of work exploring the dissonance between experience and memory.

Aaron currently resides and creates from his studio in Petaluma, California.

Restless; forever the same
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